It is not just about Reading but Experience in Journey

With our books, we don’t just believe in imparting knowledge, but in making the content immersive to engage the readers. We blend content with creativity to unlock the full potential of the readers.

Why Us?

Our Books

We publish books in various segments that cater to students and working professionals.

Academic Books
Books that cater to the students and instructors of schools, colleges and coaching institutions meant for competitive examinations like JEE, MBA, NET-JRF, Civil Services and others.
Professional Books
Books imparting knowledge of specific domains like Technology, Law, Tax, Trade, Politics, Administration, economy, finance, spirituality and self-help.
A platform for budding authors who want to give shape to their ideas in form of a book. These books comprise of wide range of topics including poetries, stories, biographies, fictions etc.

What Make our Books Different ?

  • An amalgamation of knowledge and rich pedagogical features including infographics and mind-maps
  • Access to digital supplements including interactive pdfs, videos and authors’ blogs to equip you with updated information
  • Rigour put by professional editors and content reviewers to make the content relevant to the target group
  • Simple and lucid language for easy understanding
Author of the Month

Thomas Dietrich

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Book by Thomas Dietrich